Socialist Snowflakes

Millennials grew up with preordained design. It was decided at birth that we would not work, but would instead be educated with the sole intention of attending university. Any other path would not measure up to the standards of society.

In elemantary school, we learned of our identity as special snowflakes. Free play was exchanged for structured social events, with assigned activities and playmates. Competition was “discrimination,” instead, everybody got an award for participating.

In High School, courses were catered towards taking the SAT’s. Woodshop, home economics, and other courses based on practical life skills had all but vanished from the curriculum.

Our parents worked hard to send us to college so that professors could tell us how bad we truly were. History was rewritten, and good grades required regurgitation of the professor’s politics. Safe spaces stiffled dissent, and the counter-culture progressives became the dominant culture, establishing themselves as the new bullies on campus.

Students were issued separate credentials for debate. The word “priviledge” was used by professors to discredit dissent. White men were effectively not allowed to debate, only being allowed to speak if it was to cheerlead our declining influence. Academic succes became mutually exclusive with self-hate.

Outrage culture and pathological victimhood consumed the worldview of most millennials. Merit and reason became irrelevant.

Then we became adults, and people wondered why so many of us became socialist. We’re a population engineered not know how to function without an eternal supervising parent figure, and the Democrats are gleeful at the opportunity to play that role.

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