2 Billionth Salmon caught in Bristol Bay

Since the beginning of the Bristol Bay canned salmon industry in 1884, its fishermen have landed 1.99 billion salmon. Any moment, a commercial fisherman in Alaska will land the 2 billionth salmon caught in Bristol Bay’s 133-year commercial fishing history.


The 1 billionth salmon was caught on the afternoon of June 28, 1978 in the Nushagak River district.

The total is currently sitting at 1,999,073,578, which leaves 926,422 salmon to go in order to reach the magic number of 2 billion.

This will most likely happen this afternoon, because with less than 1 million salmon remaining- in the last four days fisherman have harvested more than 1 million per day.

Confirmation will come with the updating of today’s catch at the following link.

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  1. An incredible statistic ( 2 billion salmon) when you consider it only reflects commercial fishery counts… just reinforces once again how amazing the ocean is and the incredible species thriving in it depths.

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