In 2015 Congessman Seth Moultons spoke at Temple Emanuel. It was quit interesting to say the least. After Moulten first explained his position, two Rabbi’s began the questioning period with statements. The first rabbi compared Iranians to children, while the other declared that with or without the deal, war with Iran is “Invevitable”.

Moulton repeatedly made the point that “if you oppose the deal, then you must also come up with an alternative to the deal.” Moulton explained that unlike Obama, he did not think that it was a good deal, but rather that, it was better than the absence of alternatives. Moulton had just returned from a trip to Israel, where Bibi and his crew conveyed a long list of things that they hated about the deal, but proposed no alternatives.

Almost everybody wearing a yamaka was also wearing an anti-deal button or t-shirt, however, some of the best words spoken were by a man who had served decades in the Israeli armed forces, who expressed empathy with the skewed way in which Iranians are being portrayed. He said that “most Iranians are like Americans” and that “wether you like it or not the Iranians are on the right side of the fight in the Middle East” in his thick Israeli accent, and correctly reminded everyone that Iran is currently Uncle Sam’s ally in the fight against ISIS.