Are Vaccines Causing Autism?

The new film Vaxxed addresses a controversial claim that vaccines are causing autism. It also asserts that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) doctored results of vaccines, then knowingly continued encouraging its use while being aware of its correlation with autism.

Dr. William Thompson is the whistleblower who has claimed that the CDC has omitted crucial data in their report, that would have revealed a relationship between a measles vaccine and autism.and

The statistics cited in the trailer are staggering: That over 1 millions people were diagnosed with autism in 2014. Claiming that today, around 1-68 children born are diagnosed with autism, and that if the trend continues, by 2032 50% of newborns will be subjected to autism.

The film was pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival by its co-founder, Robert De Niro, who was pressured by participants. De Niro himself has an autistic son, and admits that there is a link between vaccines and autism. The pulling of the movie in an attempt to silence its claims has backfired, as additional interest has been aroused over the controversy.

Most people trust that the government has done its homework, and properly vetted vaccines. But just last year medical researchers made the discovery that the brain is directly connected to the immune system via previously unknown vessels. This recent find shows that the science, especially pertaining to the long-term effects of vaccines, is far from “settled.”

Statistics about iatrogenic death and disease are very unflattering, and reflect poorly on the CDC and FDA. It has been reported that the US medical cartel kills more than 200,000 Americans per year; More than 100,000 as a result of “adverse effects of medications.” This adds up to more than 1 million people per decade that are killed by drugs “vetted” by the medical cartel.

The FDA and the CDC have a clear incentive to cover up these statistics, for they are the ones who are responsible for the drugs that are maiming and killing so many Americans. The media is also complicit in the cover up because the medical cartel has the ability to punish the networks financially.

If Americans knew the facts, few would entrust the FDA or CDC with “drug safety.”

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