Cruz Idling


Instead of endorsing the Republican nominee, Ted Cruz has insisted that the American people “vote their conscience.” He may get his wish, but he likely won’t personally benefit from the consensus of the modern conservative conscience.

In Texas, Cruz’s senate seat is in question. In a poll involving 994 “likely voters,” 46% said they would vote for former Governor Rick Perry, versus 37% that said they would vote to re-elect Senator Cruz in 2018.

Ted Cruz started his Presidential campaign in the spring of 2015 with $6.3 million. He was able to transfer $2.9 million to another committee for his senate race, but has had to return $2.6 million in contributions to former supporters who requested a refund.

Cruz now has $612,438 cash on hand and $604,885 in debt, which leaves him with a whopping $7,553 for his anticipated presidential campaign in 2020.

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  1. Ted Cruz is damaged goods………………………another Princeton elitist that got beat at his own game of politics. It is not the conservative party, it is the Republican party. Trump has expanded the base. As an independent voter, Trump resonates with me. He is a voice for the people, not the right or leftist, but common sense America…………….until he honors his pledge to support the nominee, his word is NO GOOD.

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